Documentaries Make House Calls (DMHC) was the streaming version of Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival 2020. Less than a week out from our live festival in 2020, Sonoma County was among those in the United States already beginning to see SARS-CoV-2 cases in what would become a worldwide pandemic. An international festival, with cases already proliferating, we decided to postpone the festival, hoping the virus would be kept under control within a number of weeks or months. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and we ended up moving to a digital format for the year. DMHC was the form that SDFF 2020 took online.

While we were grateful to have the opportunity to honor the films and filmmakers we had chosen, and excited to give their work a platform, the decision was excruciating. Streaming was an expense we hadn’t planned for, and instead of showing all 72 films we had selected, we could only stream 39. So, while this page only lists the DMHC titles, the full 2020 film guide with all 72 original titles is available here, along with film descriptions, photos and trailers wherever possible. We encourage you to check out this expanded list, there are many unbelievably good films that we just couldn’t bring you this year. We’ll be keeping up with this expanded list of filmmakers, and hope that you will too.

The films listed on the page below all streamed as a part of DMHC 2020. We hope you’ll keep an eye out for them as they make their way to various streaming platforms, and we’ll try to keep you updated on that front. And, while the digital fest didn’t afford us the opportunity to show all of our 2020 selections, or to hold an in-person festival that is a warm, welcoming congregation of filmmakers, cinephiles, and wonderfully curious community members, it did propel us to record a number of interviews with DMHC filmmakers, which can be found on SDFF’s Video Exclusives page, under the “2020 Filmmaker Interviews + Discussions” header.



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Preview Week:
Shorts w/ Filmmaker Conversations

Keeper of the Creek filmmaker Dan Goldes
Rewilding Honeybees filmmaker Cameron Neilson
A Pilgrimage filmmakers: Sara Alexander & Brian Antonson
Three Red Sweaters filmmaker Martha Gregory
All That Remains filmmaker Eva Rendle
All That Remains Filmmaker Interview w/ Director/Producer Eva Rendle
Dick Ogg: Fisherman filmmaker Cynthia Abbot
Dick Ogg: Fisherman Filmmaker Interview w/ Director Cynthia Abbott + Producer Andrea Leland

Week 1:
Opening Night

Our Time Machine filmmakers Yang Sun and S. Leo Chiang
Our Time Machine Filmmaker Interview w/ Directors Yang Sun and S. Leo Chiang

Week 2:
SDFF 2020 Jury Winners

Midnight Family filmmaker Luke Lorentzen
Night Cleaners filmmaker Hannah Nordenswan
The Whale filmmaker Iza Pająk

Week 3:
Music Docs

The Poster Boys filmmakers Joshua Lamme Hilliard and Bobo Simmons
Strange Tenants: Ska’d for Life filmmaker Fiona Cochrane
That’s My Jazz filmmaker: Ben Proudfoot

Week 4:
Environmental Activism

The Wild filmmaker by Mark Titus
The Wild Filmmaker Interview with Director Mark Titus
Eye of the Pangolin filmmaker Bruce Young
Eye of the Pangolin Filmmaker Interview with Director Bruce Young
L’eau est la vie: From Standing Rock to the Swamp filmmaker Sam Vinal

Week 5:
Indelible Artists
Shorts Program

Hebo filmmaker Kevin Wells
Kamali filmmaker Sasha Rainbow
Long Yearning filmmaker Elliot Spencer
Quiet Hours filmmaker Paul Szynol
The Worlds of Bernice Bing filmmaker Madeline Lim

Week 6:
Hidden Histories – Seeking Social Justice

Alternative Facts: The Lies of Executive Order 9066 filmmaker Jon Osaki
Alternative Facts Filmmaker Interview with Director Jon Osaki
5 Blocks filmmaker Dan Goldes & Robert Cortland

Week 7:
Summer Shorts Program

Green Screen Gringo filmmaker Douwe Dijkstra
Knocking Down The Fences filmmaker Meg Shutzer
Motorcycle Man filmmaker Daniel Lovering
Neighbours filmmaker Trond Kvig Andreasson
Neighbours Filmmaker Interview w/ Director Trond Kvig Andreasson

Week 8:
Identity & Performance on Stage & Screen

Gay Chorus Deep South David Charles Rodrigues
Siudy Entre Mundos: 50 performances of the American Dream Pablo Croce

Week 9:
Who Are You? Part 1

Dear Homeland Claudia Escobar
Where We Belong Jacqueline Zünd

Week 10:
Who Are You? Part 2

All That Remains filmmaker Eva Rendle
All That Remains Filmmaker Interview w/ Director/Producer Eva Rendle
The Desert filmmaker Bo Kovitz
The Desert Filmmaker Interview w/ Director Bo Kovitz
The Wind. A Documentary Thriller filmmaker Michal Bielawski

Week 11:
Who Are You? Part 3

Kamali filmmaker Sasha Rainbow
filmmaker Amanda Harryman
Moment To Moment
filmmaker Michael Attie
After The Fire
filmmaker Derek Knowles & Spencer Seibert
Knocking Down The Fences
filmmaker Meg Shutzer
A Pilgrimage
filmmakers Sara Alexander & Brian Antonson
Dick Ogg: Fisherman filmmaker Cynthia Abbot
Dick Ogg: Fisherman Filmmaker Interview w/ Director Cynthia Abbott + Producer Andrea Leland

Week 12:
Who Are You? Part 4

Queen Of The Beach filmmaker Christopher McDonald
Butterfly filmmakers Alessandro Cassigoli + Casey Kauffman

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