Queen Lear (Pelin Esmer, 2019, 84 mins, Turkey)
King Lear travelling on the dusty roads to the remotest villages of Turkey turns delicately into Queen Lear in the hands of a peasant-women theatre group.
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Wuhan Wuhan (Yung Chang, 2020, 95 mins, China)
An exploration of the universality of the pandemic experience.
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My Favorite War (Ilze Burkovska-Jacobsen, 2020, 82 mins, Latvia)
An animated memoir of a soviet childhood, and an antiwar film that emphasizes the importance of an individual’s right to freedom in a democratic society.
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No Fear No Favor (Mirra Bank, 2020, 65 mins, U.S.)
On the front lines of Africa’s poaching crisis, local people fight to protect their wildlife for future generations.
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When The Cameras Stopped Rolling (Jane Castle, ACS, 2021, 75 mins, Australia)
A cinematographer tells the story of her filmmaker mother, their legacy, and their challenging relationship, using their deep archive.
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Unforgivable (Marlén Viñayo, 2020, 33 mins, El Salvador)A ruthless hitman for the 18th Street gang serves his sentence in a Salvadoran evangelical prison, where he is guilty not only of his crimes, but of being gay.
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I Want To Make A Film About Women (Karen Pearlman, 2020, 12 mins, Australia)
A queer, speculative, documentary love letter to Russian constructivist women. Northern California Premiere!
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Hunger Ward (Skye Fitzgerald, 2021, 39 mins., U.S.)
The last hope against starvation and war.
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Song Sparrow (Farzaneh Omidvarnia, 2019, 12 mins, Denmark)
The situation daily faced by those that have no choice but to put their lives in danger to escape perils of staying in their homeland.
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Three Meters And A Few Centimeters (Mostafa Salehi Nezhad, 2020, 28 mins, Iran)
The serious problems that make it difficult to meet the religious requirements for burying bodies that died by Coronavirus in Iran.
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When We Were Bullies (Jay Rosenblatt, 2021, 35 mins, U.S.)
A coincidence leads the filmmaker to track down his fifth grade class and teacher to examine their memory and complicity in a bullying incident.
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Kapaemahu (Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson, 2019, 9 mins, U.S.)
This richly animated short brings to life the hidden history of four monumental stones on Waikiki Beach, and the legendary transgender healing spirits within them. 
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Johnny Reb: An Argument for the removal of Confederate memorials (Philip H Scarborough Jr., 2019, 8 mins, U.S.)
The Civil war’s over Johnny Reb, go home.
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Chef Peng (Fabia Martin, Freddie Martin, 2020, 8 mins, UK)
As his illustrious 50-year career draws to a close, Chef Peng offers a rare glimpse behind the curtain of his revered “Hunan” kitchen.
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Death. Everything. Nothing (LeRhonda Manigault-Bryant, 2020, 6 mins, U.S.)
Separated by distance, time, and a pandemic, a daughter wrestles with her mother’s impending death.
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Girlsboysmix (Lara Aerts, Els van Driel, 2020, 7 mins, Netherlands)
Nine year-old Wen Long naturally and candidly describes her experience of growing up intersex. 
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Progress (Edward Salier & Patricia Bury Salier, 2020, 8 mins, U.S.)
We have to lose something to gain something… Filmmaker Edward Salier discovers Soho’s forgotten industrial history.
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