Another Plea for Help from Chinese Factory Found in Christmas Card

  • 4 years ago

A December 23 story in The Washington Post echoes details of SDFF 2019’s Letter from Masanjia. The Post’sA Girl Said She Found a Plea for Help in Her Christmas Card. The Seller is Investigating,” recounts a story that will be eerily familiar to anyone who saw last year’s entry, Letter from Masanjia. In this new story, a 6 year-old child opened a Christmas card and found a note from a worker claiming to be working under duress as forced labor and pleading for its reader to contact a human rights group. The find has led to an investigation and has halted sale of the card by British retail chain Tesco. This story bears a grim resemblance to the one recounted in Leon Lee’s Letter from Masanjiawhich began when a Portland woman found an S.O.S. note in a box of Halloween decorations. The film recounts her decision to act on the note, and follows up on the impacts of the note and the actions it set in motion, which exposed a labor camp system that persecutes political and religious dissidents. Letter from Masanjia played at SDFF 2019 and is currently available through a number of streaming platforms.

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