Indelible Artists is a collection of 5 short character-driven documentaries that encompass a vast range of life experiences and their expression: the frenetic energy of a pre-teen skater girl in India… the life of a Southern outsider artist who was suddenly blinded… a poetic, pathos-filled rendering of industrial work in China… the mind of a poet laureate nearing the end of his life… the radical life and work of a young, queer Chinese-American woman who defied all expectations… All of these figures have something to tell us about life as art that has a special resonance in the present day.

Tickets for the Indelible Artists Short Film Program are $12. The program begins  streaming Aug 14 and ends on Aug. 23.

We are now offering DMHC Pass, which grants access to this week’s program and all future 2020 DMHC programs at the discounted rate of $10 per program. It also includes a bit of rare SDFF 2020 Swag!