Filmmaker: Sasha Rainbow, 2019, U.S., 24 mins

Language: Tamil, Subtitles: Yes

A single Indian mother fights for her daughter’s empowerment through skateboarding.

After the “skating Sari girls’ featured in the Wild Beasts’ video Alpha Female went viral, filmmaker Sasha Rainbow was overwhelmed by the public’s response to these young women, who were symbols of rebellion, individualism, self-possession and independence. She wanted to the story of how skateboarding changed these young women’s lives. While shooting the music video, Rainbow met 7 year-old Kamali, a courageous and charismatic skater girl and her mother Suganthi, who made their first trip outside of the small village in which they lived, where Kamali was the only skater girl. Against the wishes of the family, Suganthi is determined to give her daughter a chance to break the family’s cycle of poverty and face the future as an independent woman, a fate Sugathi was denied.

This inspiring documentary short not only produces a symbol of freedom in its depiction of Kamali, it is also a way of encouraging more young girls to following Kamali’s footsteps, and helping Kamali and her mother make positive changes for the women of their village now and into the future.

Website: https://www.kamali-film.com
Social Media: Facebook @Kamalifilm, Twitter @itssasharainbow

Festivals + Awards
Best Short Documentary – Atlanta Film Festival, Best Director – Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival, Outstanding Documentary – DC ShortsFilm Festival, Best Documentary Short – Raindance Film Festival, Audience Choice Award -Short Film – Tacoma Film Festival, Best Shorts Spotlight – SCAD Savannah Film Festival, Best Short Documentary – Free Spirit Film Festival. Best Documentary – Hamilton Film Festival, Best Documentary Short – Camerimage, Best Documentary Film – Norwich Film Festival