Sebastopol Film

Sam Vinal Vinal, Director
2019, U.S., 24 minutes

On the banks of Louisiana, fierce Indigenous women are ready to fight—to stop the corporate blacksnake and preserve their way of life. They are risking everything to protect Mother Earth from the predatory fossil fuel companies that seek to poison it. Cherri Foytlin leads us on a no-nonsense journey of Indigenous resistance to the Bayou Bridge Pipeline (BBP) in the swamps of Louisiana.

This struggle is not over a singular pipeline. Rather, the pipeline is one piece of an ongoing legacy of colonization and slow genocide.

Festivals & Awards:
Official Selection: Sioux City Intl. Film Festival, Portland Unknown Film Festival, Red Nation int’l Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Lone Star Film Festival, Portland EcoFestival 2019, American Indian Film Festival 2019, Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival 2019, Environmental Film Festival @mutualaidmedia

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