Filmmaker: Elliot Spencer, 2017, U.S., 25 mins

Language: Chinese, English Subtitles: Yes

Long Yearning is a haunting, evocative documentary that stitches together impressionistic footage of industrialized labor in modern Chinese factories with traditional poetry.

Long Yearning is an Avant-Garde, cinematic exploration of the lives of Chinese factory workers and the nature of repetitive industrialized work. The film is intermixed with written excerpts of traditional Chinese poetry, creating a surreal merging between modern and ancient China. The film renders a rhythmic, aestheticized depiction of contemporary labor and industrialization, and creates something akin to an emotional history, imbued with human pathos and poetry.

Website: http://www.elliotspencer.com/long-yearning.html

Awards:  Best Human Rights Film – 5th Life After Oil International Film Festival 2018, Best Experimental Film – ATOM Awards 2017, Best Experimental Film at the IV SMCFF in Russia , Best Documentary at  the ASIA Peace Festival 2017, Screened at the 2017 Hancheng International Film Festival, China.