Farzaneh Omidvarnia Talks Style, Storytelling and Shooting with Puppets

Hosted by SDFF Co-Director Jean McGlothlin

SDFF Co-Director Jean McGlothlin sits down with Farzaneh Omidvarnia, the polymath filmmaker behind Song Sparrow, a flooring documentary that uses puppetry to tell a refugee story. Omidvarnia speaks at length about why she selected a mode and style of storytelling that, on its face, seems counter-intuitive to the deadly serious, and deeply traumatic subject of her doc. The duo discuss practical and theoretical aspects of Omidvarnia’s filmmaking practice, constructing and shooting with puppets, and how the filmmaker’s background as an engineer has informed her work.

Farzaneh’s interview is one of a handful of filmmaker Q&As that are already available as part of SDFF 2021. The Q&As will be up through the month of June.  Song Sparrow will be streaming as part of SDFF 2021 from June 10-13.


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