5 Blocks

Filmmaker: Dan Goldes + Robert Cortlandt, 2019, U.S.A., TRT: 50 mins
Language: English, Subtitles: No,, Socials – @urbanstreetfilms

A San Francisco neighborhood undergoes its most dramatic change in 50 years.

“5 Blocks is about the complex process of revitalizing a neighborhood, a process in which one must ask, ‘Who has the right to be here?’ People may think of city planning as an organized, linear process, but the way cities really change is through hundreds of small decisions made every day by all kinds of people. It’s a messy, non-linear, far from black-and-white process. And it requires that we all examine what kind of city—or neighborhood—we’re creating.”

—Dan Goldes, Director

San Francisco’s Market Street was once the grandest boulevard in America. Though located just minutes from City Hall, the area fell into decline and became home to some of the city’s most marginalized populations. Today, tech companies and those they employ confront the realities of existing in one of the City’s poorest neighborhoods. Five Blocks explores income disparity, changing demographics, and the nature of place.

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