Yung Chang on Truth and Empathy in  This Is Not A Movie and Wuhan Wuhan

Hosted by SDFF Co-Director Jean McGlothlin

SDFF Co-Director Jean McGlothlin sits down with Yung Chang, the filmmaker behind two SDFF 2021 films that deal with dangerous, politically fraught, and ultimately tragic, situations. Wuhan Wuhan captures the early days of the coronavirus at the epicenter of what would become a worldwide pandemic, while This Is tracks journalist Robert Fisk who has perpetually put his life at risk to cover conflicts in the Middle East. Truth and empathy are mutually constitutive elements that form the core of both films, which capture human experience at points of catastrophic world change and posit a path forward out of the current crisis in truth, which is at the heart of so much tragedy.

Chang’s interview is one of a handful of filmmaker Q&As that are already available as part of SDFF 2021. The Q&As will be up through the month of June.  Wuhan Wuhan and This Is Not A Movie will be streaming as part of SDFF 2021 from June 10-13.

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