Full Program Unveiled At Aug. 6 Screening During SebArts Open House Event

SDFF just released the names of three more titles that will show at its upcoming, free summer screening event, themed The Art of Making An Impact, at the first SebArts Open House from 3-5 p.m. on Aug. 6.

Two shorts from SDFF multi-year alumni filmmaker Ben Proudfoot, Fibre & Wood and Crafting Life’s Work, have been added to the roster, alongside Adán Aliaga and Alex Lora’s short The Fourth Kingdom, which has been expanded into a feature film since it showed as part of SDFF 2018.

The selection of shorts made public include: In The Canyon (Sami Chan and Alexandra Swati Guild, 7 mins), 10-Meter Tower (Axel Danielson and Maximilien Van Aertryck, 17 mins), Negative Space (Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter, 6 mins), The Mirror (Mimi Chakarova, 13 mins), Snowy (Kaitlyn Schwalje, 12 mins), and Yarrow: The Virtues Of Monochrome (Dom West and Abraham Joffe, 5 mins). You can find details for all the announced films below.

All of the films selected celebrate creative thought and share a focus on the artistry, human expression, and the impact of exceptional filmmakers. The full screening program will be announced at the Open House screening event.


Still of "sermon" at the redemption center on the outskirts of New York City, from The Fourth Kingdom (Adán Aliaga and Alex Lora, 14 mins).

Directors: Adán Aliaga
& Alex Lora
Release Date: 2017
TRT: 14 mins

The Fourth Kingdom is the kingdom of plastics, a redemption center on the outskirts of New York where underdogs, many lacking immigration documents, share disappointment in the American Dream. This short juxtaposes their vignettes in unusual and elucidating ways.

Still of felting artist Sanna Rahola and woodcarver Douglas Drdul walking arm-in-arm on a Nova Scotia beach from Ben Proudfoot's short Fibre & Wood.

Ben Proudfoot
Release Date: 2015
TRT: 10 mins

Part of Breakwater Studio’s Life’s Work series, which explores the craft, process, and lives of six master makers, Fibre & Wood is a portrait of two Nova Scotian master craftspeople — felting artist Sanna Rahola and woodcarver Douglas Drdul.

Still of Breakwater Studios filmmakers behind the camera from Ben Proudfoot's short, Crafting Life's Work.

Ben Proudfoot
Release Date: 2015
TRT: 7 mins

Crafting Life’s Work is a behind-the-scenes featurette on Ben Proudfoot’s short documentary series Life’s Work: Six Conversations With Makers, featuring the filmmaker and the Breakwater Studios team, who together bring these stories to life on screen.


Directors: Axel Danielson & Maximilien Van Aertryck
Release Date: 2016
TRT: 17 mins

On a 10-meter high diving tower, fear of taking the jump is pitted against the personal loss that would arise if you didn’t dare. What do we look like when we hesitate and when we make a decision? What does it look like when we overcome our fear?


Mimi Chakarova
Release Date: 2021
TRT: 17 mins

SDFF 2022 Best Documentary Short Audience Award Winner

Animated short that weaves together nine Black women’s recollecting their interactions with white people.


Directors: Ru Kuwahata &
Max Porter
Release Date: 2017
TRT: 17 mins

Based on a 150-word poem by Ron Koertge, this animated Academy Award® nominee depicts a father-and-son relationship through the art of packing a suitcase.


Directors: Dom West &
Abraham Joffe
Release Date: 2019
TRT: 5 mins

Fine art photographer David Yarrow attempts to capture the beauty and scale of this awe-inspiring natural wonder in South Georgia with just a single image.


Directors: Kaitlyn Schwalje
& Alex Wolf Lewis
Release Date: 2020
TRT: 12 mins

Can Snowy,  a four-inch-long pet turtle living in a family basement, be happy? And, what would it take?


Directors: Sami Chan &
Alexandra Swati Guild
Release Date: 2015
TRT: 7 mins

A day in the life of a lone horse, filmed lyrically under the auspices of the Stanford Documentary program.

The screening is scheduled from 3-5 p.m. on August 6, and is part of SebArts first annual Open House – a day of art, music and creativity, showcasing SebArts programs, while also honoring the volunteers and members that bring those programs to life.

In addition to the SebDocs shorts screenings, the free daytime events will include creative activities for kids, art demos, a chance to make pinch pots in the ceramics studio, and an auction of 1,100+ rare, original movie posters.

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